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A vital service for today’s traveller

When you need to be away from home for business or pleasure… whether you’re looking forward to a weekend getaway or a winter-long stay down south… or a family emergency takes you away unexpectedly…

Your home isn’t going anywhere

And you really want the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything will be right there waiting for you — safe and sound — when you get back.

Looking back a generation or two, folks used to rely on family or their favourite neighbours to keep an eye on things while they were away. So if the sump pump quit or the pipes burst, someone was on hand to take care of the crisis. Today, family members often live far away and people don’t always know their neighbours.

A well-known secret

Plus, in today’s world, keeping the mailbox clear of new deliveries, moving the cars in the driveway and giving your home that “lived-in look” helps prevent it from becoming a target for criminal activity.

More than simply a good idea

You’re not the only one who wants to make sure your home is being monitored while you’re away. Insurance companies require homes to be checked every 1-3 days, especially during the heating season. So you’ll want to ask your insurance company about your compliance requirements, since failure to meet policy requirements could nullify a claim. Besides, you know that damages from wind or water can be less of a burden if action has been taken while you’re out of reach — like calling a trusted contractor to repair a broken window after a storm, or getting the roof patched after a fallen tree has done its worst.

Peaceful pets and prized plants

Even better, if you have pets, you know how much they are creatures of habit… and they’ve made your home THEIR home, too. So let them stay where it’s most comfortable, instead of shipping them off to a kennel to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings. And while we’re there to check up on Fido and Kitty, HomeMinding+ will water and care for your prize orchids, plants and hanging baskets. Plus, the lovely vegetable garden you’ve toiled over all season won’t dry up and croak during the extreme August heat… just when it’s ready to reward you with the harvest.

Boat Minding

As a boat owner for 12 years, Karen recognizes that this is your home away from home and a valuable asset.  Over the past few years there has been a noticeable change in weather patterns along the St. Lawrence River.  Varying water levels, more severe storms with high winds, increased rainfall and more frequent power outages have the potential of placing your boat in a vulnerable situation.  Ensuring that your boat is secure with regular dockside inspections provides you with peace of mind while you’re away from your boat.

That’s why you want HomeMinding+ on your side. Like your friendly, knowledgeable and trusted neighbours of old, HomeMinding+ looks after your home, boat, pets, plants and more, with the same attention that you would if you were there.

HomeMinding+ offers a uniquely personalized, sensible approach that’s grown through years of safeguarding the interests, security and well-being of people like you. You can rest assured knowing that no request is too large, no detail too small to escape our watchful eye and reliable attention.

Simply call Karen at (613) 878-4012 and she’ll arrange a home-minding package that fits your schedule and your needs perfectly. And lets you travel without worrying about what’s going on at home.

After all, it’s your home, property and beloved pets we’re talking about. Let’s make sure they’re in good hands while you’re away.

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