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During a free in-home consultation, Sue will meet with you to discuss your needs, acquaint herself with any pets you may have, and walk about your home and property with you.

Service packages and prices are determined according to your unique circumstances and requirements, based on options you select from the list below. Please feel free to inquire about additional home minding services of interest that may not be included in the list.

Service OptionsHouse-Door-Hanger

•    Comply with the requirements of your insurance policy
•    Monitor the overall interior and exterior condition of your home, yard and outbuildings
•    Check the security system, exterior doors and windows, electrical panel, furnace / air conditioner, thermostat, appliances, water softener, sump pump, pool pump, any timer-activated lights, etc. for proper operation
•    Feed and care for domestic pet(s); clean and change the litter box; attend to any medical needs that may arise
•    Water plants, gardens and/or the lawn
•    Adjust heat and lights; move the drapes or blinds
•    Pick up / bring in mail, newspapers and flyers; accept deliveries
•    Listen to telephone voice messages and forward important ones
•    Start and move vehicles in the driveway
•    Put out and retrieve garbage and recycling containers
•    Ensure contractor clears snow from the walkway, driveway / cuts the lawn
•    Fill bird feeders
•    Empty dehumidifiers and fill humidifiers
•    Check for signs of insects and rodents and respond accordingly
•    Respond to triggered alarms or incident calls from your home security provider
•    Respond to emergencies, contact appropriate authorities
•    Take photographs and /or a video of any damages and forward them to you by email
•    Provide a full accounting of your home’s ( + pet’s) status at regular intervals by phone or email and report any condition that may need attention
•    Engage / oversee contractors doing work in your home or yard




Home visits range from $20 – $40/visit.

Within the Town of Prescott there are no additional mileage fees. In other municipalities, mileage fees apply at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approved rate, currently $.55/km. *Note: Mileage fees may be cost-shared if /when multiple clients receive home visits in the same geographic area during the same period of absence. Google Maps is the tool used to determine mileage estimates.

Should you choose to enter into a service agreement with HomeMinding+, it will be provided in writing prior to your departure. The selected service options, frequency and duration of visits, mileage estimate (as applicable) and payment schedule will be included. Upon your return, any changes to the agreement will be reflected in a final invoice (e.g.: return travel delayed, pet required emergency care, additional time spent resolving an issue, etc.).

Payment may be made by cash, personal cheque or Interac e-Transfer. Interest at the rate of 1.5% per month will be assessed on overdue accounts.

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