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Away from your home, pets, and boats? Ensure peace of mind with HomeMinding Plus.

We’ll keep your home safe and secure, and your pets loved, cared for, and thriving, in their own stress-free environment.



Our Services

When you are away from home get the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything will be right there waiting for you — safe and sound — when you get back.

Regular visitation schedule

Make it look like someone is home. Pick up the mail, change the lights. Scheduled times to feed pets and water plants.


We can provide a full accounting of your home, assets, and pets at regular intervals by phone or email.

Unexpected issue

We respond to triggered alarms or incident calls from your home security provider and respond to all emergencies.


Some insurance policies require regular visitation. We can help you comply with those requirements.

HomeMinding+ looks after your house, pets and more while you're away. Call us for an in-home consultation.