Mission Statement

HomeMinding Plus allows you to travel stress-free, leaving your home, boats, and pets in compliance with insurance requirements. We provide security, peace of mind and a stress-free return from vacation or work activities.

Vision Statement

We want our customers to have the convenience of a lifestyle that allows them to travel knowing that their home and boat is safe and secure, and their pets are loved, cared for and thriving in their own environment.

Code of Ethics

Respect the rights, privacy and dignity of customers and always maintain confidentiality and professional boundaries.

Accept and treat those seeking services in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.

Continue to advance knowledge through education, training, and collaboration to maintain excellence and high ethical standards.

Perform duties with objectivity, due diligence, integrity, and honesty always.

Accountability – take ownership of:

  • The decisions you make
  • The actions you take
  • The consequences that result
  • Admit mistakes and promptly correct
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HomeMinding+ looks after your house, pets and more while you're away. Call us for an in-home consultation.