Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

dog pumpkin

Although Halloween can be fun for both kids and adults with dressing up, trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, it can be a difficult and stressful time for our pets. From the constant doorbell ringing, to costumes and loud noises, frightened pets are more likely to run away or exhibit out-of-character behaviour including biting, scratching, and barking when scared or stressed.

But, with a little planning, your pet will have a better chance at being calmer and happier during this festive holiday.  Here are a few tips to keep them safe this Halloween.

Keep your furry friend inside 

Loud noises and sensory overload can be scary for your pet and could lead to aggressive behaviour in dogs.  Give pets a quiet room where they can take a break from the noise and confusion as the trick-or-treaters arrive at your door.  Offer them comforting toys to occupy their time and provide them with positive attention throughout the evening.  If the doorbell constantly ringing is too stressful for your pet, leave a bowl of treats near the door outside where trick-or-treaters can help themselves. 

Make sure your pet has updated ID

Opening the door for trick-or-treaters all night long, combined with an anxious pet increases the chances that a pet may run away and escape outside.  Ensure your pet has updated ID on their collar that includes your address, phone number and their name.  If your pet has a microchip, ensure that the contact information in the registry is up to date. Up-to-date information gives your pet the best chance of returning home should they escape. 

Keep the candy away from your pet

Halloween candy and wrappers can pose a choking hazard and chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats.  Keep candy in a spot where it is not accessible to your pet. Check your local pet store for Halloween themed treats your pet will enjoy and provide these treats to your furry friend.  

Avoid costuming your pet

Although costuming your pet may increase their cuteness, a costume inhibits your pet’s ability to move and communicate through natural body language such as tail wagging or positioning their ears. Costumes can also cause pets to overheat. Instead of a costume, pets can wear a Halloween-themed collar or leash.


Although candle-lit pumpkins and dry ice create a spooky Halloween atmosphere, they can be dangerous for your pet. Candle-lit Halloween pumpkins can easily be knocked over and are a fire hazard. Decorate your home with plush toys and other pet friendly ornaments.

I hope these tips will keep your pet safe and happy this Halloween.  Have a tail wagging good time!